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Empowering Your Learning Journey

At Almanahel Academy, we are committed to providing students with a comprehensive learning experience beyond private lessons and consultation sessions. Access to high-quality learning resources is essential for academic success. This is a dedicated space where you can find a wealth of free learning material and resources to support your educational endeavors.


What to Expect

You will discover valuable resources to enhance your understanding, reinforce key concepts, and sharpen your skills. We have carefully curated a collection of practice questions, study guides, and other educational materials tailored to various subjects and academic levels.


Learning Materials

In addition to practice questions and study guides, we offer various supplementary materials to support your learning journey. These resources may include practice exams, flash cards, educational videos, and more. We continuously update our collection to ensure you have access to the most relevant and up-to-date resources.

Unlock Your Potential

We believe that education should be accessible to all, and we aim to empower students like you to reach your full potential. Whether seeking additional practice, looking for study aids, or simply eager to explore new learning materials, we are your go-to destination.


Study Material

English EmSAT

Study Guide

Practice Exam

Listening Practice

Lesson 1: From the UAE with Love (B2)

Lesson 1: Audio

Vocabulary Builder

500 Flashcards


Set 1: Flashcards

Set 1: Words in Action

Set 2: Flashcards

Set 2: Words in Action

Set 3: Flashcards

Set 3: Words in Action

Set 4: Flashcards

Set 4: Words in Action

Set 5: Flashcards

Set 5: Words in Action

Mathematics EmSAT

Study Guide

Practice Exam

Physics EmSAT

Study Guide

Practice Exam

Computer Science EmSAT

Python Basics

Practice Exam